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Today was my first day of school at Burlington High School. I woke up early, packed up my school bag, and left for Starbucks in the morning darkness and rain. I arrived at Starbucks before the door was unlocked. I waited patiently in my car listening to the radio and the raindrops. The clock struck 6am and a barista opened the lock on the door. I entered, ordered a large…


EdTech Team Support

I would like to start by thanking the entire BPS community for their enthusiasm and support during the three day PD conference at Burlington High School. During these three days I noticed an overwhelming desire amongst the BPS community to learn, share, and try something new. This is exactly what the organizers had in mind when we started scheduling the first session many months ago. While we understand the new…


EdCamp Tuesdays

This summer Burlington Public School teachers came together every Tuesday during the summer vacation months to connect, share, and learn from each other. Why? Because they wanted to learn and be part of the conversation, they wanted to be a voice at EdCamp Tuesdays held at Burlington High School. Burlington High School will be a 1:1 learning environment this year with the iPad 2. The BPS elementary and middle schools…