A Day in the Life of Kindergarten in Burlington Public Schools

January 19, 2018

On behalf of the BPS EdTech team, Mr. Murphy and I are proud to share “A Day in the Life of Kindergarten in Burlington Public Schools.” This video was featured at the BPS Kindergarten Information Night on Wednesday, January 17th and shown to all parents of incoming kindergarten students. The video highlights a typical day in kindergarten including developing a love for reading with story time in the Learning Commons,…


The Engineering Process Explained Through Adobe Voice

January 18, 2018

Elena Snyder’s third grade science students recently used the versatile and intuitive iPad app Adobe Voice for their Mag-Lev Train science project. The goal of the project was for students to design a train that would be as fast as possible and hold as much weight as possible. Additionally, the project required students to demonstrate their knowledge of the five step engineering process of: Planning Designing Testing Evaluating Re-designing After…


Family Holiday Traditions Maker Day at Fox Hill

January 10, 2018

Mr. Murphy and I were thrilled to see the entire Fox Hill community come together the week before our winter vacation to participate in our first Family Holiday Traditions Maker Day. The video below captures some of the creation and learning which took place throughout the week. This school-wide event not only integrated technology, art, and computer science in a meaningful way, it also aligned with ELA writing standards. To…


BHS Seniors Attend Workshop on the Art of Interviewing

January 9, 2018

“What you guys do can be really impactful,” Video Producer and Coach Brandy Sales declared to an audience full of BHS seniors. Throughout the day, Sales, a former graduate of Burlington High School, taught seniors how to be successful on their newly revamped research project. The project requires students to produce a TED Talk, a podcast, a documentary film, photo journalism, or a website. Participants in Sales’s dynamic, interactive workshop learned…


10 Ways to Make SeeSaw Part of Your Daily Routine

January 2, 2018

This post originally appeared on the blog of Jennifer L. Scheffer Since transitioning from Burlington High School to Fox Hill Elementary School, I have spent the past year and a half getting acclimated to a new school culture, developing relationships with students and my new colleagues, and learning the elementary curriculum. My primary goals were to use technology to develop creative, project-based learning opportunities for students and to make instruction…


One School, Many Cultures – Diversity in Literature

December 18, 2017

This week, Ms. Scheffer and I will be hosting our first Holiday Family Traditions Maker Day in the Fox Hill Learning Commons. In addition to this hands-on Maker Day event, we have also curated a powerful selection of books for grades K-5 to further promote understanding, empathy, and knowledge of the people and cultures on this big blue marble we all call home. Our goal is to continue to educate students…


Plymouth Plantation Comes to Life at Fox Hill

December 12, 2017

Although Fox Hill is a 1:1 iPad school, there are times when the best tool for the task involves zero technology and the third grade Plymouth Plantation project is a perfect example. As a follow-up to the third grade field trip to Plymouth Plantation, and as the summative assessment for the unit on the state of Massachusetts, third grade teachers Ms. Saia and Mrs. Lisano assign their Social Studies classes…


CS4All: Computer Science Education Week

December 6, 2017

In honor of global Computer Science Education Week, faculty and students engaged in a host of interactive activities today. During the Common Planning Period teachers discussed with Superintendent Eric Conti the school’s vision for CS4All and participated in a fun “coding a cookie” activity organized by Computer Science Teacher Shereen Tyrell. A focus on computer science in education means enabling students to engage in computational thinking, problem-solving, creative and critical thinking, collaboration,…


One School, Many Cultures-Fox Hill Family Holiday Traditions Maker Day Event!

December 6, 2017

Mr. Murphy and I are excited to announce we will be hosting our first Family Holiday Traditions Around the World Maker Day Event at the Fox Hill Learning Commons the week of December 18th through December 22nd from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The purpose of the event is to give students the opportunity to create either a digital or analog artifact which represents the holidays, customs, and traditions of…


Seesaw Spotlight: Fox Hill Grade 5

November 30, 2017

Mr. Murphy and I are excited to shine this week’s Seesaw Spotlight on fifth grade teachers Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Lee and their ELA stduents. Several days ago, Mrs. Lee visited Mr. Murphy and I in the Learning Commons and exclaimed with excitement, “I just uploaded an iMovie to Seesaw all by myself!” Why is this so significant? Well, it underscores the intuitiveness of Seesaw, how it seamlessly integrates with…