Fox Hill’s Tribute to Bruno Mars: Fox Hill Smarty Pants 2017

June 23, 2017

I am beyond excited to share an incredible video produced in collaboration with Fox Hill third graders. The video is our rendition of Bruno Mars’ “Up Town Funk” and was performed live by the entire third grade at this past week’s Accomplishment Assembly. As a lover of the arts, and a former theater major, one of my goals this year was to combine my love of music with technology and…


Fox Hill Third Grade Presents: The Revolutionary War

June 20, 2017

Mr. Murphy and I are thrilled to share the work of Mrs. Lisano’s third grade social studies students and their reenactments of the Revolutionary War. In previous years, Mrs. Lisano taught the Revolutionary War unit in a traditional manner with a written test as the final assessment. However this year, Mrs. Lisano wanted to continue integrating technology into her curriculum and approached Mr. Murphy and I with a new and…


Lights, Camera, Action: The Revolutionary War Comes to Life!

May 24, 2017

Mrs. Lisano, Mr. Murphy and I are pleased to share the first of four introductory videos reenacting an event from the Revolutionary War. The video below features Mrs. Lisano’s third graders who will be bringing the Boston Massacre to life through a well written script, realistic costumes and props, and a talented production team. The introductory video was made using Explain Everything and iMovie and was uploaded to YouTube. The…


Pollination Comes to Life at Fox Hill

May 22, 2017

Mr. Murphy and I recently collaborated with Mr. Lisano’s fourth grade science class on a pollination project where students had the opportunity to use either Book Creator or Explain Everything to demonstrate their knowledge of the reproduction process of a flower.  Students are already well-versed in Book Creator, however they visited the Learning Commons to have a lesson on some more advanced features of Explain Everything including the lasso and…


Pump Up the Volume! New Microphones Arrive at Fox Hill

May 19, 2017

Mr. Murphy and I are excited to share that we have received two new pieces of technology that will have a tremendous impact on student projects involving voice recording. Thanks to a generous donation from the Burlington Girl Scouts of Fox Hill, our students now have access to the Zax Sound microphone and two Crystal Clip Lavalier clip on microphones. Zax Sound Microphone The Zax Sound microphone is an affordable,…


The Revolutionary War Goes High-Tech at Fox Hill

May 15, 2017

Mr. Murphy and I are SUPER excited to be collaborating with third grade teacher Mrs. Lisano on a MAJOR Revolutionary War project. The project involves students reenacting four major events from the Revolutionary War including The Boston Tea Party, The Boston Massacre, The Battle of Lexington, and Paul Revere’s Ride. Mrs. Lisano has divided her class up into three teams; writers, producers/directors, and actors. Each team member is responsible for…


Author Sarah J. Maas shares her new book with Burlington fans

May 12, 2017

On Wednesday night at Marshall Simonds Middle School, Barnes and Noble hosted a book signing and talk by author Sarah J. Maas for her newest book A Court of Wings and Ruin, the third book in her trilogy A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACOTAR). The book is a young adult fantasy novel that centers on a strong female protagonist, nineteen-year-old huntress Feyre. Barnes and Noble distributed five hundred wristbands…


Colby, the Code & Go Mouse

May 11, 2017

Meet Colby, the Code & Go Mouse.  Colby is adorable and chatty and, not particularly surprisingly, quite fond of cheese.  Strangely, however, his favorite cheese appears to be Swiss – go figure!  Colby is spending some time in Mrs. Hoyt’s room at Pine Glen as we evaluate if/how to integrate him into the curriculum across the district next year. Students create mazes, determine the start and end points, figure out…


Uploading Google Drive files into SeeSaw

May 8, 2017

The latest Fox Hill Help Desk tutorial features fourth grader Celeste. In this screencast, Celeste demonstrates how to upload a Google doc into SeeSaw which is the latest feature available in this excellent digital portfolio app. Celeste also shows how to add audio and a caption to the doc. She points out that this feature allows teachers to assess both writing skills as well as reading fluency skills. If you…


Fox Hill News: 4th Edition

May 5, 2017

I am pleased to share the 4th edition of the Fox Hill News which features several of our third grade students. In the first segment, Grace and Grayson interview Fox Hill music teacher Mr. Z. about the upcoming spring concert. Next you’ll hear from, Amanda and Emelie who share they perspective on the digital portfolio app SeeSaw. The third segment features Lily and Jazmine interviewing kindergarten teacher Mrs. Miele. Next…