Paperless Classroom Series: Notability and Google Drive

December 4, 2012

In the past two paperless posts I covered applications that can help educators begin the paperless process. Note, I apologize for the overuse of alliteration in that preceding sentence. Once you have mastered Google Drive and Genius Scan, you can now begin the process of sharing content with your students. Google Drive gives us a cloud option for storing and sharing digital content with our students. Genius Scan gives us…


Paperless Classroom Series: Genius Scan+

November 28, 2012

For many of us, we find ourselves in a transitional point in education. At Burlington, this transition has happened abruptly with the integration of the iPad. With in the matter of a year, we have gone from sparsely using technology in our classrooms, to having it with us and our students daily. While there is no denying that the classroom landscape is changing and will continue to change, we, as…


Paperless Classroom Series: Google Drive

November 27, 2012

As a former English teacher, I always made every student in my secondary and higher Ed. classes print out their paper. I would collect rough drafts, have them staple them to the final, and I would lug them home only to spill coffee on them while editing log into the evening. I would speak to my students in the margins of their papers and comment in detail at the end…