3rd Grade Plays Name That State, City And Body Of Water

March 1, 2017

Memorial third grade students have been working on a mapping activity in Notability.  Students have been playing a mapping game to locate cities, towns, bodies of water, bordering states and products that are all found in Massachusetts.  Students have been learning how to use the tools in Notability to create their map and share it with their teachers to tie into the social studies curriculum.  It has been a great…


Awesome Art with Artsonia

January 18, 2017

Fox Hill art teacher Steve Scarpulla has taken full advantage of the free iPad app Artsonia and has created a digital art gallery to display and share the artwork of Fox Hill students. Artsonia allows teachers to create a public gallery that can be shared not only with parents and school community members, but with an entire global audience. So far this year, Mr. Scarpulla’s students have uploaded 10 art…


Fox Hill Goes Global with Book Creator

November 17, 2016

On Tuesday, November 15th, Victor and Aadi, two members of the Help Desk at Fox Hill, had the exciting opportunity to speak with Dan Amos from the United Kingdom via a Skype call. Dan is the creator of the hugely popular app Book Creator. Because of its versatility, Book Creator is one of the foundational apps used in Burlington Public Schools and is especially suitable for use at the elementary…


Google Apps Updates

September 21, 2016

Google has been busy releasing many new updates to their Google Apps suite. Many of these updates benefit educators and students. Here is a quick look at some of the new additions: Mobile Annotations iPad users of Google Classroom can now draw, highlight, and write notes on documents and PDFs. Students can complete work to be annotated. Teachers can assess student work with annotation once the work is returned to the…


LightSail in Burlington Classrooms

May 7, 2015

Students and teachers in Burlington are using a new literacy accelerator called LightSail. The system has provided excellent opportunities for teacher intervention and support resulting in student academic growth. LightSail has been used extensively at Marshall Simonds Middle School in our 1:1 iPad learning program. The application has been praised by students and teachers. LightSail provides a platform for completing independent reading with a full class of students all at different…


Update: BPS Foundational Apps

Burlington Public Schools is 1:1 with iPads in grades 1-12. We also have iPads available in each kindergarten and preschool classroom. Our vision for a 1:1 learning environment has always been to create the most engaging and collaborative student centered classrooms possible. Although our focus has never been on apps, we have always encouraged the use of core BPS Foundational Apps that can help keep students build skills and meet the…

December 10, 2014

Explain Everything Lesson at Pine Glen

BPS EdTech Team member and Pine Glen Elementary School Instructional Technology Specialist Michelle Ardizzoni recently completed introductory lessons for the Explain Everything app. The app is installed on all Burlington iPads in grades K-8. Explain Everything is one of the BPS EdTech Team’s Foundational Apps and has been used in every grade level and almost all subject areas in Burlington. Mrs. Ardizzoni showed students how to use the app and had…

October 31, 2014

Book Creator Lesson at Fox Hill

BPS EdTech Team member and Fox Hill Elementary School Librarian Patrick Murphy presented a great series of Book Creator app lessons this week. All Burlington iPads in grades K-8 have the Book Creator app installed. Book Creator is one of the BPS EdTech Team’s Foundational Apps for our 1:1 learning program. Mr. Murphy showed excited students how to use the app to create books and projects. The Fox Hill students will be…

October 31, 2014

BrainPop Jr. at the Fox Hill Media Center

September 30, 2014

The following post was originally featured on the Fox Hill Elementary School Library Media Center blog. BPS EdTech Team member and Fox Hill School Librarian Patrick Murphy recently introduced second graders to BrainPop Jr. using the iPads from their 1:1 learning program. This week in second grade we had our introduction to BrainPop Jr. BrainPop Jr. features animated movies about a wide variety of topics including math, science, social studies, history,…


How Do I Do That? February 2014

We are excited to announce something new for the How Do I Do That Technology Series! In addition to the existing scheduled sessions, we are adding a series of virtual opportunities to expand your Professional Development and growth. Each of these will center around a chance to produce a product using a specified tool (and, in the process, learn a new tool!). For the first of these App Explorer Challenges,…

January 21, 2014