Time’s Up!

January 8, 2018

It happens every time.  I give my class 10 minutes to work on something and it ends up being 15, not because they need the additional time, but because I’ve lost track of time or didn’t note the time when we started.  Meanwhile, unless I continually give the 5-minute warning, 3-minute warning, 1-minute warning, etc., students have no idea when they have to start wrapping up. This happens to all of…


Journal Writing in Grade 1 Implementing Google Docs

March 15, 2017

Mrs. Burnham’s first grade has been working on their writing journals in Google Docs. This has been a great collaboration piece for her students. Students have learned how to share their journals with Mrs. Burnham and their classmates. They edit them together and make suggestions as a class as to how to improve on their writing as well as celebrate their terrific writing as a class.  It has been a…


Introducing Team Drive for G Suite

December 13, 2016

Please Note: Team Drive is currently in BETA (early release). Users may encounter bugs. There is no guarantee Team Drive will be a permanent feature in G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Education).  Streamlined Collaboration with Team Drive for G Suite Back in September, Google announced their new “G Suite for Education” name change along with the new Team Drive feature, available to schools in the Early Adopter Program. Today,…


Digital Pen Pals with Gmail

November 10, 2016

Third graders at Fox Hill School will soon have the opportunity to practice and improve their writing skills through participating in a new classroom center called Digital Pen Pals. The idea for this new center came from third grade teacher Heather Lisano. Heather wanted a fun and engaging way for her students to not only strengthen their writing skills, she was looking for a way to, “teach and incorporate 21st…


Google Apps Updates

September 21, 2016

Google has been busy releasing many new updates to their Google Apps suite. Many of these updates benefit educators and students. Here is a quick look at some of the new additions: Mobile Annotations iPad users of Google Classroom can now draw, highlight, and write notes on documents and PDFs. Students can complete work to be annotated. Teachers can assess student work with annotation once the work is returned to the…


Google Expeditions in Burlington

April 11, 2016

Special thanks to Allison Mollica and BPS EdTech Team member Rachel Small for the following post about a recent event at Memorial Elementary School. Memorial hosted Google Expeditions and provided a great experience for students and staff.    Google has developed an economical way for schools to virtually visit attractions all throughout the world. Google’s Expeditions Pioneer Program created over a hundred curriculum based 3D virtual field trips for teachers to…


Backing Up Notability to Drive – 2015 Edition

December 16, 2015

In October 2013 former BPS EdTech Team member Tim Calvin published an important post on how to back up notes from Notability to Google Drive. Two years have past and while the simple and effective back up process has not changed all that much (the Drive and Notability interfaces have changed since iOS8) we are still seeing students lose important notes for their classes. This is due to the fact…


How Do I Do That? May 2015

April 14, 2015

There will be a session of the BPS EdTech How Do I Do That program on Tuesday, May 12 in the Marshall Simonds Middle School Library from 2:30-5:00pm. The session will feature information about Google Classroom. Google Classroom is a powerful learning management system for supporting the use of Google Apps with lesson materials and student assignments. BPS Mobile Learning Coach, Jenn Scheffer, will lead the session and share ways to integrate Classroom into…


BPS EdTech Chromebook Resource Guide

BPS EdTech Team member Jenn Scheffer has created a great new resource site for Chromebooks in the classroom. The site features information about ChromeOS, Chrome Apps and Extensions, and Digital Citizenship. From the Chromebook Resource Guide site Burlington Public Schools is a K-12 Google Apps for Education (GAFE) district. Our teachers and students use the Google suite of apps as their primary collaboration and communication tool. Google Drive serves as our…

January 5, 2015

Update: BPS Foundational Apps

Burlington Public Schools is 1:1 with iPads in grades 1-12. We also have iPads available in each kindergarten and preschool classroom. Our vision for a 1:1 learning environment has always been to create the most engaging and collaborative student centered classrooms possible. Although our focus has never been on apps, we have always encouraged the use of core BPS Foundational Apps that can help keep students build skills and meet the…

December 10, 2014