A Seesaw Expert from the Fox Hill First Grade

One of the things Mr. Murphy and I love about Seesaw is that it’s a STUDENT CENTERED application. Obviously, teachers should take full advantage of Seesaw’s capabilities, especially its growing Activity Library and its Icon Shortcuts for Activities. However,  Mr. Murphy and I strongly believe that STUDENTS should be the most active users of Seesaw. By the end of each school year, teachers, parents, and most importantly the students themselves should be able to review their collection of work and see clear gains in skills and knowledge. As we’ve shared repeatedly, Seesaw’s intuitive design makes it the ideal digital portfolio app for the elementary level.

After an introductory lesson on how to upload items to their Seesaw journals, students are fully capable of independently selecting pieces of their WOW work to share with their teacher, classmates, and parents. Mr. Murphy and I particularly love seeing our smallest learners, our Fox Hill first graders, show their Seesaw savviness. We are fortunate to have so many teachers who have made “Seesawing” an active part of their students’ day through establishing a Seesaw center. Why not try to do this in your classroom? We recommend starting with a fundamental skill in Seesaw, taking and uploading quality photos.  We recommend starting here because almost daily students are creating and completing work that they can capture through a photo and upload to their journals.  Below is a video from Fox Hill first grader Elisa demonstrating just how quick and easy it is to take and upload a photo to Seesaw. If you haven’t tried this yet, we hope you will and you will show Elisa’s tutorial to your students,. Happy Seesawing!

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