A 2nd Grader’s Message to Parents: “To See My Work, You Have to Get the App!”

The most powerful aspect of Seesaw, besides its intuitiveness for students, is its ability to strengthen the connection between home and school. With regular use of Seesaw, a parent gains a deeper understanding of the skills and knowledge their child is developing and the curriculum as a whole. In other words, rather than simply receive a report card at the end of each quarter with a final grade, consistent use of Seesaw allows parents to become active partners in the entire learning process. Concepts and skills can be reinforced at home and parents can provide meaningful feedback on their child’s progress towards the learning goals in real-time. Frequent feedback from both teachers AND parents has the potential to substantially increase student motivation. For teachers who are having their students “Seesaw” more frequently (think of your students uploading their work to Seesaw as a verb, similar to writing, reading, completing math problems, etc), now is the time to invite parents to connect with the class. This can be done in a few simple steps.

  1. At the bottom right hand corner of the class, click on “Invite Families.”
  2. Next you will be taken to a screen that allows you to select either “Print Paper Invites” or “View Sample Email.” We recommend selecting Print Paper Invites. You will receive an email with an attached letter for each child in your class. The child’s name will appear at the top of the letter with a unique QR code. There are instructions for parents to connect to their child’s portfolio from either their Smartphone or their computer (see screenshot below).
Screenshot 2018-01-25 at 10.12.16 AM
Parents can connect to Seesaw with the iOS or Android app on their Smartphones, or via the web

But why take my word for it? When I introduced second grade teacher Nicole Reilly’s class to Seesaw for the first time, their assignment was to record a video introducing their parents to the Seesaw app. Second grader Constantine did a FANTASTIC job persuading his parents to install the app so they could see his work. Not surprisingly, they are now able to comment and encourage Constantine whenever he uploads items into his Seesaw portfolio. I encourage all teachers and administrators to watch Constantine’s short yet highly informative and entertaining video and I’m confident you will agree students are excited to have the opportunity to share the work they do throughout the day with their families!

Invite Families to Seesaw

The video below created by the folks at Seesaw shows you in TWO MINUTES how to invite families to Seesaw. Please contact the Instructional Technology Specialist in your building for additional support on how to invite families to Seesaw.

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