BHS Seniors Attend Workshop on the Art of Interviewing

“What you guys do can be really impactful,” Video Producer and Coach Brandy Sales declared to an audience full of BHS seniors.

Throughout the day, Sales, a former graduate of Burlington High School, taught seniors how to be successful on their newly revamped research project. The project requires students to produce a TED Talk, a podcast, a documentary film, photo journalism, or a website.

Participants in Sales’s dynamic, interactive workshop learned how to generate interesting content through thoughtful interview questions, as well as tips on being confident and professional. They also discussed basic structural outlines for creating impactful videos and podcasts.

“He inspired me to make a more effective project,” senior Sarah Costa said.

Designed by senior English teachers, the “Senior Research Project: How can I effect change in my society?” has students exploring topics relevant to their world today and important to them as an individuals. Through research, personal interviews, and journalistic observations each student has been tasked with crafting a well-reasoned plan to address their area of concern.

Student topics range from larger societal issues, such as combating poverty, to more locally focused ones, including developing a sign language course at BHS.

“The whole reason why I wanted Brandy to come in was so that students have an end game in sight. I thought he would be an excellent resource in the type of project they are creating.The interview skills he stressed really apply to any of the forms of media students will be working on,” English teacher Amanda Lee, who invited Sales to BHS, said.

Sales is a four-time international award winning video producer who dedicates his time “to building confident communities through video production and video education.” Ninety percent of his clients are non-profits. An active member of the Board of Directors for BCAT, he regularly serves as a guest educator for BHS’s Video Club and MSMS’s Video Voyagers.

“It was very informative, and he definitely knew what he was talking about, “ senior Danielle Lynch said of Sale’s presentation.


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