Give Thanks with Seesaw!

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, having your students create a special message of thanks to share with their friends and families is the perfect way to use Seesaw. Below are several examples of student drawings, both digital and analog, that Fox Hill students have uploaded to Seesaw. Some students chose to create a drawing with colored pencils or markers and made their creations come to life using Chatter Pix. Other students used the drawing tool directly in Seesaw and recorded an audio message to their families. Whatever materials your students use to make their Thanksgiving creations, provide them with the opportunity to share their work with their classmates and families through Seesaw. As you plan for tomorrow’s half day, consider integrating an interactive, engaging, and creative digital activity that can be shared with moms and dads. If you plan to do some type of class or grade level celebration, be sure to capture these moments with photos or videos and upload them to Seesaw so families can be part of the fun! On behalf of the BPS Edtech team, Mr. Murphy and I would like to wish everyone in Burlington Public Schools a very happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Fourth Graders Give Messages of Thanks with Seesaw and Chatterpix!

HDx fourth graders Kessa, Ava, Grace, Emelie, Amanda and Olivia created Thanksgiving “talking turkeys” with the help of Chatterpix. Check out their adorable creations below:

Second Graders Share What They Are Thankful For

Ms. Festa’s second graders did a wonderful job creating their Thanksgiving drawings and messages. Below are screenshots from Ms. Festa’s second grade Social Studies class.

Screenshot 2017-11-21 at 2.13.01 PM

Screenshot 2017-11-21 at 2.11.32 PM

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