The Devil’s Playlist’s Listening Lunch Delights Listeners

The Devil’s Playlist (TDP) hosted their first ever listening lunch today in the BHS Library. The event showcased the musical and poetic talents of BHS students in an open-mic style forum while also allowing listeners to unwind between classes.

The lunch opened with junior Emily Campagna on vocals and senior Julia Feist on keyboard. The duo typically performs under the catchy name “Don’t Call Me Honey.” The group treated the audience to two impassioned songs.

“We [students] really don’t get a lot of music-focused events during the school day…so it’s really cool to have something around music. It’s great that people can get up and perform their music and poetry in a stress-free, comfortable setting,” Feist, an editor for TDP, said.

Campagna’s stunningly soulful singing combined with Feist’s skillful work on the keys captivated students and teachers. As their music continued, more viewers began to filter into the library, drawn by the magic of their sound.

“It was amazing. I got to listen to my friends’ songs, and I don’t usually get to do that. It was nice to really have the chance to listen to them,” senior Sanjana Manghnani said.

Next up was senior Ashley Koman, another TDP editor, playing the acoustic guitar. Her sweetly folksy voice singing, “flying high above the trees, there’s many lovely sights to see,” mentally transported listeners beyond the walls of the school.

“I think it’s important to have listening lunches because they are a good way for students to relax. Often at lunch, kids are working on homework. This gave students a way to just enjoy something for themselves,” Koman noted.

Following Koman, was senior Ivy Saltsman on the keyboard singing “Blessed,” who enchanted the audience with her beautifully smooth vocals.

After the musicians, junior Sasha Festi, Captain of BHS’s Slam Team and poetry group, Poetic Ramblings, presented a poignant poem in progress about her heritage, “An Open Letter to My Dad.”

Koman closed out the show with one final, lovely piece.

“They’re very talented performers, and it was an overall very fun experience,” senior Ben Horgan stated.

Missed the listening lunch? Come on by to TDP’s next listening lunch on Friday, December 22. 

Looking for some great music to listen to over your lunch? Check out The TPD Playlist: Editors’ Picks for relaxing songs that range in musical styles from indie to alternative to folk to R&B. Also check out TDP Blog or follow them on twitter @BHSPlaylist.

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