Finally! Screen Recording in iOS 11 for the iPad

Easy screen recording has FINALLY arrived on the iPad with the latest update to iOS 11! With this update, students and teachers can easily screen record anything that is happening on their iPad. An immediate classroom use could be adding narration to a Google Slide presentation, or demonstrating how to use a new application. Teachers can now easily and quickly flip a lesson, share it with students via Google Classroom, and have more class time to work with students individually or in groups. To enable screen recording, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Go to Setting > Control Center
  2. Tap on Customize Controls
  3. Under “More Controls,” tap on Screen Recording (this will add Screen Recording to the “Include” section
Tap Control Center > Customize Controls > Add Screen Recording to the top “Include” section 

Users can now swipe up to launch the Control Center and will notice the Screen Record  icon (a white circle) has been added. Tap and hold the icon to launch screen record and tap the “Microphone Audio Off” button to enable audio. Tap “screen recording” and after a three second count down, you will be able to record everything happening on your screen.

Screen Record feature will be added to the Control Center 


Once the screen recording is over, tap the top of the screen and hit “stop.” You will then get a notification saying the screen recording has been saved to photos.  Now you can upload and share that screen recording to the app or platform of your choice. The video below, created by HDx fourth grader Amanda, demonstrates how easy it is to launch and use the Screen Recording feature in iOS 11.


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