Ignite a Creative Fire in Your Students with Adobe Spark

Mr. Murphy and I are excited to introduce the app Adobe Spark to our students here at Fox Hill and to all elementary students throughout the district. Adobe Spark is an easy-to-use digital storytelling app that allows students to combine text, photos, videos, music, and clip art into a video that can be easily saved to the iPad camera roll. Students can share their completed videos with their parents via Seesaw or with a global audience via their teacher’s YouTube channel. We hope teachers allow their students to share in both places as it teaches digital citizenship and amplifies student voice in an authentic way.

To use Adobe Spark with elementary students requires the classroom teacher, the  Instructional Technology Specialist, or the Librarian/Media Specialist to sign in with their Google account. Once signed in, students are ready to create their first Spark video. For detailed information and examples of how you can use Spark, check out the resources shared in Adobe Spark in the Classroom.

adobe spark
Teach students real world digital citizenship and hep them develop a positive digital footprint by having them upload completed Sparks to YouTube and Seesaw

Spark is an intuitive app that can be integrated into any subject area and promotes student creativity. The app offers eight built-in story structures, four different slide layouts, eight different themes, a huge collection of copyright free icons (clip art), and a wide variety of music choices. Students can record audio on each slide, easily delete and re-record audio if necessary, and easily rearrange slides by dragging and dropping. Mr. Murphy and I see Adobe Spark becoming a foundational app for our students, much like Book Creator, iMovie, and Seesaw, and we believe it’s an excellent way to integrate a digital tool with curriculum standards in writing. Below are two Adobe Spark examples that showcase the app’s features. The first is an Adobe Spark that Mr. Murphy and I created to introduce the Learning Commons. The second is a Spark that was created by one of Ms. Stone’s first graders. Her students were introduced to Spark last week and were given a lesson in adding text, icons, and voice. Please schedule time with me and Mr. Murphy to introduce your students to Adobe Spark and let’s ignite a creative fire! 

Welcome to the Fox Hill Learning Commons- Sample Adobe Spark 


First Grade Personal Narrative-Sample Adobe Spark 

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