Parent and Family Resources

Thank you to BPS EdTech Team member Jenn Scheffer for creating this list of technology resources for parents and families. Parent and family collaboration is a critical component of the Burlington Public Schools 1:1 Learning Program. The BPS EdTech works with families so they understand the technology initiatives and implementation of 1:1 learning devices and applications. We encourage you to be involved with your child and their use of technology on a daily basis. As families, students, and teachers working together, we become a stronger learning community, therefore creating more opportunities for our students to become successful.

Please follow the BPS EdTech Team for updates about upcoming Family Tech Nights in Burlington.

Connect Safely is a non-profit, Silicon Valley based company. They are dedicated to keeping kids safe online, while also teaching them how to be empowered when using technology. The Parent Guides and other digital resources listed below will give you the information you need to understand popular social media tools used by kids and teens and help to ensure your child is safe online.

A Parent’s Guide to Snapchat

A Parent’s Guide to Instagram

A Parent’s Guide to Mobile Phones

Family Contract for Smartphone Use (child & parent pledge)

Many kids and teens love to watch, make, and upload videos to YouTube. The resources below will help parents understand how to keep their children safe and productive members of the YouTube community.

Parent Resources

YouTube’s Community Guidelines

How to Set YouTube Restricted Mode

Moderating & Reviewing Comments

Blocking Users from Commenting on Your YouTube Channel

Everything You Need to Know About Parental Controls

Technology Addiction (FAQ’s, articles, & videos)

Screen Time (FAQ’s, articles & videos)

Cyberbullying (resources grouped by age; Preschool-13+)

How to Enable Parental Controls on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch  

How to disable in-app purchases on your Apple devices

Change or remove your Apple ID payment information

How to enable parental controls on your Apple TV


Family Safety Basics -10 practical tips for busy families about how to keep your children safe online

Family Link from Google– create & manage a Google account for your child on an Android device

Advice from Google on how to set secure passwords – An important conversation for all families

Blocking Explicit Search Results on Google Using SafeSearch

Google Tips for Families– how to create strong passwords, use content filters, balance screen time, and more

Cybercrime Prevention– Information on how to avoid scams, online identity theft, malware prevention

Easy-to-Use Safety Tools – Everything from controlling the ads you see, to reporting inappropriate YouTube comments. Parents can search safety tools by category or by product (see screenshots below)

Online Safety YouTube Playlist (7 videos) -Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google SafeSearch

Good Digital Parenting YouTube Playlist  (10 videos)

Good Digital Parenting, Your Questions Answered YouTube Playlist (11 videos)

Online Safety Cards for Kids

Buying a smartphone, tablet, gaming system, or computer for your child? Download and print these AWESOME cards to go along with their new device. Keep your child safe and establish your expectations on use of the device from the start! See example cards below:

Family Online Safety Contract – a contract for PARENTS and their pledge to be good digital parents

A Checklist for Cleaning Up Your Digital Footprint

7 Steps to Good Digital Parenting

7 Tips to Keep You Safe Online

Good Digital Parenting – Downloadable guidelines for parents of children with autism

Policy and Research

Online Safety Basics

Theft, Fraud, and Cybercrime

Securing Key Accounts and Devices

Technology Learning Hubs

Digital Citizenship Resources

Cyber Civics for Families

Cyberwise YouTube Channel


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