10 Tips for Commenting in Seesaw (For Students, By Students!)

Fox Hill fifth graders have created an excellent video featuring 10 tips for commenting on student work in Seesaw. We are excited to share this video with our teachers and students and we’re confident these tips will help students write high quality comments. Feel free to share this video with your school community if you are using Seesaw. Thank you to Celeste, Kritika, Madison, Bella, Max, Adi, Aadi, Mason, Elena, Soham, and Elise for all their hard work in producing this video! Stay tuned for more technology tips and tricks from the tech-savvy students of Fox Hill School!

If you would like a copy of the tips listed below, click here. Feel free to make a copy of this document and adjust the tips based on the specific needs of your school community.

Tips for Student Commenting


  • Open with a compliment. Be positive, respectful and polite.

Example: “This was interesting to me because…”

Example: “I really liked _____ about your post. Have you thought of_____?”

  • Be specific and detailed.

Example: “I think you did a great job because…”

  • Add new, factual information if you can and/or learn something new.

Example: “I learned _______ from reading your post. Did you also know that_____.”

Example: “I am curious about_____. Can you tell me more about it_____?”

  • Make your comments original. Don’t repeat what has already been said.
  • Make a connection with what was posted.

Example: “I can relate to this because_____.”

Example: “This reminds me of_____.”

  • Make your comments relevant. Stay on topic.
  • Don’t include private, personal information in your comments.
  • End with a question. Get a conversation started.

Example: “What do you think about_____?”

  • Proofread comments. Check for spelling, grammar, punctuation. Use complete sentences.
  • Post your WOW work. Respond to comments you receive. Keep the conversation going.

Special thanks to Seesaw and the resources in their Help Center!

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