iOS Tips & Tricks Part 1

Mr. Murphy and I are proud to share the first tutorial from the students of Fox Hill HDx (stayed tuned for a detailed blog post on this new program at Fox Hill). In this first tutorial, fifth graders Madison, Elena, Celeste and Elise demonstrate how to disable key flicks in iOS 11 as well as how to navigate the new Control Center and close apps.

Once teachers and students download iOS 11 and see the on-screen keyboard, they will instantly notice that both letters and numbers appear on the keyboard. While this keyboard may be suitable for some users, we find that the standard keyboard with only letters OR numbers, is best to use with elementary students. Watch the tutorial below to learn how to disable the “key flicks” in a few simple steps. We recommend disabling key flicks right away after installing iOS 11. This tutorial also demonstrates the new look of the control center, how to adjust the volume and brightness of your device, and how to close apps.

Stay tuned for more helpful tutorials on everything iPad and G Suite for Education from the fourth and fifth grade students of HDx at Fox Hill!

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