Lights, Camera, Action: The Revolutionary War Comes to Life!

Mrs. Lisano, Mr. Murphy and I are pleased to share the first of four introductory videos reenacting an event from the Revolutionary War. The video below features Mrs. Lisano’s third graders who will be bringing the Boston Massacre to life through a well written script, realistic costumes and props, and a talented production team. The introductory video was made using Explain Everything and iMovie and was uploaded to YouTube. The end of this video will transition directly into the full version of the Boston Massacre reenactment. Filming of this project starts today and students are eager and excited to showcase all their hard work. They have been practicing their roles and responsibilities daily and are deeply engaged and committed to this project.

Most third grade teachers would agree that the end of the school year can be quite hectic. The fact that Mrs. Lisano has taken on a project of this magnitude as we quickly approach the month of June is monumental! She is incredibly invested in providing her students with an authentic and meaningful learning experience, and we are confident the finished products will serve as exemplars for other elementary classrooms worldwide! Stay tuned for the introductory videos for the Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere’s Ride, and the Battle of Lexington!

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