Pump Up the Volume! New Microphones Arrive at Fox Hill

Mr. Murphy and I are excited to share that we have received two new pieces of technology that will have a tremendous impact on student projects involving voice recording. Thanks to a generous donation from the Burlington Girl Scouts of Fox Hill, our students now have access to the Zax Sound microphone and two Crystal Clip Lavalier clip on microphones.

Zax Sound Microphone

The Zax Sound microphone is an affordable, professional cardioid microphone with high sensitivity and provides clear digital stereo sound. It uses a cardioid pickup pattern that picks up sound from the front with noise cancellation from the sides and back. It’s compatible with all iPhones and iPads and comes with a stand that allows you to adjust the position of the microphone. With it’s “news desk” look and feel, this is a perfect microphone for recording the Fox Hill news. Our student reporters are excited to use this microphone for our final edition of the news coming this June. In the video below, Fox Hill Help Desk students Aadi, Celeste, and James demonstrate how the Zax Sound microphone works.

Crystal Clip Lavalier Microphones

These high quality clip on microphones can be used with Smartphones and tablets. We recently tested these microphones and the sound quality was excellent. In addition to clear sound, the microphones were able to eliminate a lot of background noise. This is ideal when recording student projects, We are excited that our students will now have the ability to record the highest quality audio and make their projects even more outstanding! The video below demonstrates how the Crystal Clip Lavalier microphones work.

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