The Revolutionary War Goes High-Tech at Fox Hill

Mr. Murphy and I are SUPER excited to be collaborating with third grade teacher Mrs. Lisano on a MAJOR Revolutionary War project. The project involves students reenacting four major events from the Revolutionary War including The Boston Tea Party, The Boston Massacre, The Battle of Lexington, and Paul Revere’s Ride. Mrs. Lisano has divided her class up into three teams; writers, producers/directors, and actors. Each team member is responsible for a specific piece of the project and this approach is helping students gain a thorough understanding of teamwork and communication. Writers are responsible for writing the script, actors are in charge of costumes, props, and memorizing lines prior to filming, and producers/directors are selecting music, filming shots in front of the green screen and “on location,” editing clips together in iMovie, and uploading the final product to YouTube to share with a global audience. I am certain that once completed, this is a project Mrs. Lisano’s third graders will never forget!

Production team members will learn advanced features of Explain Everything and iMovie

The technology involved in this project includes Google Docs and Classroom, Explain Everything, DoInk’s Green Screen, and iMovie. So far, the students are incredibly excited about this project, and although it is high-level and somewhat complicated, Mr. Murphy, Mrs. Lisano, and I are confident that the students will come together to produce a movie they are proud of and one that is worth sharing. We hope to have the project completed within two weeks and look forward to sharing all four movies via the blog…so stay tuned!


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