Author Sarah J. Maas shares her new book with Burlington fans

On Wednesday night at Marshall Simonds Middle School, Barnes and Noble hosted a book signing and talk by author Sarah J. Maas for her newest book A Court of Wings and Ruin, the third book in her trilogy A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACOTAR). The book is a young adult fantasy novel that centers on a strong female protagonist, nineteen-year-old huntress Feyre.

Barnes and Noble distributed five hundred wristbands for admittance to the event and donated twenty of them directly to the BHS library for our high school fans.

Following on the tail of her New York Times bestselling series, Throne of Glass (which includes six main books, plus the prequel to the series, The Assassin’s Blade), the event for the final book of her newest series was highly anticipated by Burlington High School fans.

Students in attendance were thrilled to hear Maas share her insights about the characters in the novel.

“I really loved attending the event, and it was an absolute dream to finally meet one of my favorite authors. Seeing Sarah J. Maas in person really brought all of her characters to life. Maas said that her characters are very real to her, and I really felt that when she talked about them,” Ashley Koman said.

During the talk, Maas commented that writing Feyre taught her to be kind to herself. She also explained how her characters help her face her fears when she’s criticizing herself too much or when she has an important meeting about her books. She embraces the phrase “I will not be afraid” from Throne of Glass.

English teacher Jessica Netishen had several students attend the event and values the books for their “very nicely rounded female heroines. The good relationships are also very equitable. I think it is nice to have students read flawed, strong, developing female characters and to see those characters navigate relationships, growing out of bad ones and finding new good ones.”

Maas did an excellent job connecting to her young adult fans, taking the time to answer their questions.

“One of the questions she answered was about what the characters in ACOWAR would have been like in high school. It was entertaining to hear about some of my fictional heroes placed in the life I live, rather than dreaming about being a part of theirs,” Koman said.

Maas also offered advice to aspiring writers. She recognized that a lot of people might tell writers that their writing isn’t good enough and that wanting to be an author isn’t a real dream to have. She advised that writers ignore such voices.  Listening to the naysayers means letting the naysayers win. Instead, individuals should simply say “watch me.”

Maas has already signed a new deal for three additional ACOTAR novels.

All of Maas’s existing novels are available in the BHS library in hardcopy and NOOK Book. Stop on by and check one out today!

Sarah Maas at her book signing on May 10, 2017 at MSMS
Photo courtesy of BHS junior Ashley Koman

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