Fox Hill News: 4th Edition

I am pleased to share the 4th edition of the Fox Hill News which features several of our third grade students. In the first segment, Grace and Grayson interview Fox Hill music teacher Mr. Z. about the upcoming spring concert. Next you’ll hear from, Amanda and Emelie who share they perspective on the digital portfolio app SeeSaw. The third segment features Lily and Jazmine interviewing kindergarten teacher Mrs. Miele. Next is Madison and Ava interviewing fourth graders William and Bella about what they’ve been learning throughout year. Following that is Haiely interviewing her teacher Mrs. Lisano and Robby interviewing his former kindergarten teacher Mrs. Levesque. Wrapping up the fourth edition of the Fox Hill news is Briana and Mohmed interviewing Mrs. Johnson about the Fox Hill garden.

I am so proud and impressed by the latest group of student reporters and hope you will take the time to watch our latest broadcast. All students who participated in the fourth edition of the news wrote the stories completely on their own and it’s incredibly rewarding to see Fox Hill students so empowered to collaborate and communicate with a global audience. I hope to produce at least one more edition of the Fox Hill news as we get closer to the end of the year, so stay tuned for more student voice!


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