Small Actions with a Big Impact: The First Earth Day Celebration at Fox Hill

Madagascar hissing cockroaches, a great horned Owl, red-footed tortoises, a vegetable and wild flower planting station, an elephant’s foot, a shark’s jaw, a walrus’s tusk, a taxidermied black bear and bobcat, a badger and fox pelt, and information about various bird species and plants! These were the items that made up the first annual Fox Hill Earth Day celebration last Friday, April 28th.

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Students in kindergarten through the fifth grade attended this full day celebration and learned about animals and the environment through an exciting, hands-on, authentic experience. Many students and teachers overcame their fears and held a hissing cockroach (I did not in case you are wondering!) and they also had the opportunity to plant a variety of flowers and vegetables with the help of retired Fox Hill teacher Pat Thorpe. Students also observed Edison, a great horned owl, up close and personal thanks to Wendy Pavlicek of the Burlington Science Center. Ms. Pavlicek answered students’ questions about Edison and all the other exhibits that were on display in the Learning Commons. Throughout the whole day, students explored and discovered new information about science, nature, and wildlife. They were able to take information home with them and we’re confident they will continue to learn about ways they can protect the Earth.



This event was a huge success thanks to the vision and efforts of Mr. Murphy. An advocate of protecting the Earth, Mr. Murphy’s goal in organizing this event was to help students develop a lifelong understanding and appreciation of our natural world and help them realize that “small actions can have a big impact” in terms of making our planet a better place.  In the video below, you can hear directly from Mr. Murphy about the purpose of the Earth Day celebration as well as students who participated in the event. You will see and hear the excitement of the day and we hope you will consider organizing a similar event at your school next year in honor of Earth Day.

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