Fox Hill’s Earth Day Science and Stewardship Program

On Friday, April 28th, which is Arbor Day and hot on the heels of Earth Day, the Fox Hill Learning Commons will host an Earth Day Science and Stewardship program in conjunction with the Burlington Science Center. During the day, we’ll have live animals from the Science Center, exhibits featuring bees (not live!), birds, and mammals on display, information on gardening and planting seeds, plants that help pollinators like bees and butterflies, hands on activities including making bird feeders and bird houses, and information on reducing waste and increasing recycling. Students will also be able to bring home handouts with additional information on helping wildlife and recycling. The theme for this citizen science program is “A Big Impact With Small Actions.” This program is designed to instill a love of science in our students and inspire an appreciation of our natural world that will last a lifetime. Our young scientists and future stewards of the planet will learn how through simple actions and scientific knowledge we can all do our part to make the planet a better and healthier place for all!

Check out this great video that’s a collaborative effort of the 4th grade help desk students:

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