Learning Vocabulary with SeeSaw

Just before our April vacation, I approached fifth grade teacher Jamie Jaffe with a new way to present vocabulary to her students (thanks to a Tweet from SeeSaw). The idea was to have her students find an image from the web that represented a vocabulary word, save the image to their camera roll and upload it into SeeSaw. From there, students would annotate the image and include the part of speech, definition, synonyms, antonyms, and an example sentence using the word. Additionally, students would record their voices and provide their classmates with a visual, written, and oral explanation of their vocabulary word.

Mrs. Jaffe was receptive to the idea and today I worked with her students to implement this interactive vocabulary lesson. Students uploaded their finished annotated vocabulary words into SeeSaw and they now have an excellent study tool to help them learn new vocabulary (which they can access from home). Students said they enjoyed using SeeSaw because it allowed them to do more than just write a definition in a workbook. By using SeeSaw, students were able to include a visual example of their word, as well as an audio recording, which benefits both visual and auditory learners. Most importantly, students will learn from each other and that is another huge advantage of integrating SeeSaw in the classroom. Mrs. Jaffe’s students believe that the use of SeeSaw will help them do well on their vocabulary assessment and I couldn’t agree more! Thank you to SeeSaw for this great idea and thank you Mrs. Jaffe for trying it out in the classroom!

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