Fox Hill 2nd Graders Bring the Planets to Life with Tellagami

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Fox Hill ELL teacher Karen Kim and her second graders on a science project involving planet research. Mrs. Kim approached me and wanted to incorporate some type of technology, along with writing and speaking, into this project. I recommended Tellagami and showed her the features of this app and she agreed it would be an appropriate choice for this project. Her students visited the Learning Commons and I gave them a lesson on how to create an effective Tellagami. Once they understood how to use the app, they researched their planet and wrote their findings on an assignment sheet provided my Mrs. Kim. Their research included:

-The planet’s name
-Where the planet’s name came from
-The size of the planet
-What the planet looks like
-The planet’s temperature
-The distance from the sun
-How long it takes to orbit the sun
-What the planet is made of?
-What else you would like your audience to know about the planet?

I pieced together the four Tellagami’s using iMovie and the finished projects can be seen below:



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