iMovie Magic from the Fox Hill 4th Grade!

Recently, I had the opportunity to collaborate with fourth grade teacher Erin Hevey on the creation of an iMovie book trailer project. Mrs. Hevey wanted her students to create a trailer based on their favorite book from this year. The ultimate goal of this project was for students to create a trailer that would persuade others to read the book. Mr. Murphy, Mrs. Hevey and I worked together to develop the My Favorite Book-iMovie Trailer assignment and I visited Mrs. Hevey’s classroom to review the requirements and give students a lesson on the technical aspects of iMovie.

We discussed the importance of selecting a trailer theme that corresponded well with the book, as well as how to use the storyboard feature in iMovie. Once students selected their theme, they knew exactly how many photos and/or videos they would need for their trailer and how many lines of text they would have to tell their story and persuade their audience. Because iMovie trailers have a limited amount of text, this was a challenging project, however students did an excellent job with the production of their movies. They used photos and text to effectively hook their audience, provided information about the characters and setting, and posed a question at the conclusion of the trailer that led to an exciting cliffhanger. Students enjoyed this project, as it allowed them to express their creativity and it gave them a chance to function as a “Hollywood producer.”

Below are the trailers of Sean, Ryan, and Fatima for you to enjoy!

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