Exploring Coast to Coast at Fox Hill

With Mrs. Nolte’s fourth grade class we’re exploring our 50 states. For this project, students picked a state of their choosing and started exploring a variety of online and print resources to learn more about their state. With our graphic organizers, we focused on taking notes on four main topics – the state’s people and economy, the land, the state’s history, and the state’s environment and environmental threats. Once our notes were completed, we began our writing. Students first transformed their notes into sentences and paragraphs in Google Docs. Once the writing was complete and checked for correct spelling and grammar, we began the fun part! Creating our own ebooks using Book Creator. Students used images from their various resources and used their own creativity and design aesthetics to display what they’ve learned in their own unique way. Some students even opted to use other apps like ChatterPix and Tellagami to further bring their ebooks to life.

Once students were finished, we exported and shared our ebooks to the SeeSaw app. Students viewed, commented, and liked the video projects of their classmates in SeeSaw. By using SeeSaw, the students in Mrs. Nolte’s class were able to have access to all of the class projects at their fingertips, and they love being able to check out the work of their classmates!

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