Non-Fiction Goes Hi-Tech at Fox Hill

Mr. Murphy and I are proud to highlight another Fox Hill ELA class that has shown creativity in their learning using Book Creator, Chatter Pix, and Tellegami. Mrs. Jaffe’s fifth graders recently completed non-fiction digital book reports covering a wide variety of topics including space tourism, The U.S. Coast Guard, snow leopards, linebackers, the Bermuda Triangle, and more!

After consulting with Mrs. Jaffe on the goals and objectives of the project, Mr. Murphy selected a wide range of non-fiction titles for our fifth graders to chose from. The book reports were to include the following:

-A summary of the book
-Three interesting things I learned
-One thing that has surprised me
-Types of text features in the book
-The text feature that was most helpful to me
-Who would like the book

After students read their books, they gathered the required information using Google Slides, using one slide per requirement. After their writing was checked for accuracy, students began making their books using Book Creator, Chatter Pix, and Tellegami. Mr. Murphy and I taught students the elements of design and they were able to apply their artistic skills and creativity in Book Creator. Students were able to view and comment on each other’s finished books via SeeSaw and they thoroughly enjoyed being able to provide feedback to their peers.

In the video below, the books of Julie, Henri, Ryan, and Nina are featured. All of Mrs. Jaffe’s students did a wonderful job using multiple apps to show their learning of a non-fiction book and we look forward to working with these students on other creative projects.

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