Showcasing Student Voice: Third Grade Digital Book Reports at Fox Hill

Over the past several weeks, Mr. Murphy and I have been working with Mrs. Lisano and Ms. Saia’s third graders to bring biographical books to life and showcase student voice using the applications Book Creator, Chatter Pix, Tellegami, and Green Screen by DoInk. These applications allowed students the opportunity to display their learning in their own unique way and practice their reading fluency skills, an essential part of the third grade curriculum. We are proud of all the students who completed this project and used technology to create an interactive book. We thoroughly enjoyed assisting students with the writing process as well as teaching them how to aesthetically design their books. We gave students several lessons on how to select a color scheme, choose appropriate font styles and colors, how to add images, videos, borders, and shapes, and arrange elements on the page to develop visual appeal. Each student was able to apply their artistic design skills to create a book that was unique and all students are much more comfortable combining multiple apps into one finished digital product. This is another great project from Fox Hill students that allows them to research, write, revise, read, speak, and design.

Below are three of Mrs. Lisano’s students’ books that are all based on Helen Keller. Students created books highlighting Helen’s education, career, accomplishments, and more. Students’ books contained three Chatter Pix, three Tellegami’s, three pages with 1-3 images and text, and their covers featured a Green Screen video.

Below are two examples of the books created by Ms. Saia’s students; one featuring Sacagawea and the other featuring Anne Sullivan. Each student in Ms. Saia’s class was able to select their own biography about a famous historical person. The requirements for Ms. Saia’s students were to include information about the person’s early years, education, why they chose their career, and how their career helped people and/or changed the world.

We look forward to showcasing more projects that amplify student voice as we continue to work with students and teachers in the Learning Commons and in the classroom at Fox Hill!


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