First Grade Digital Pioneers at Fox Hill

Mr. Murphy and I are thrilled to share that Mrs. Carroll’s first graders are the very first students at Fox Hill School to try the digital portfolio app See Saw. These tiny digital trailblazers did a fantastic job joining Mrs. Carroll’s class through a unique QR code and they remained focused and productive for the entire hour spent in the Learning Commons. After joining the See Saw class, they created their first portfolio artifact which was a video demonstrating their reading fluency. Once completed, they shared the videos to the See Saw classroom feed. Mrs. Carroll was then able to quickly “approve” each video that had been posted so students could see the work of their classmates.

File_000 (1).jpeg

During today’s See Saw lesson, students learned about the types of items they will be able to upload to their portfolios; photos, videos, drawings, notes, and links. We also had a discussion about digital citizenship and how they would eventually have the opportunity to show kindness and responsible behavior through liking and commenting on their classmates’s work. After leaving the Learning Commons, students returned to their classroom and were instructed to add a photo to their portfolios and they did so with ease. Now that we’ve had the chance to see it in action, Mr. Murphy and I are even bigger fans of See Saw. It’s an extremely intuitive app for both students and teachers, it’s ideal for use at the elementary and middle school levels, and it integrates seamlessly with almost all of the core apps used in Burlington. We are excited to have more Fox Hill students use See Saw to showcase and share their learning, academic growth, achievements, and school involvement. We’d like to thank Mrs. Carroll and her students for their willingness to pilot See Saw and we look forward to having more teachers explore it’s capabilities.


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