Independent Learning with iMovie

File_000 (1)I am pleased and proud to share an iMovie trailer created by Isabella, a fourth grader and member of the Help Desk at Fox Hill. When I first met Isabella back in September, she declared she was an “iMovie trailer expert” and she was eager to create a trailer about the Help Desk program. She presented her first draft after only a few meetings, but when she received constructive feedback and discovered she would need to revise the majority of the clips, she realized the project was going to take a lot longer than she initially thought. Rather than lose focus on her goal of creating an “awesome” trailer, over the past four months, Isabella has been working diligently to create a movie that could be shared with a global audience via the Fox Hill Help Desk YouTube channel. She never lost her enthusiasm for this project, and I’ve enjoyed helping her think critically about her work before publishing.

Isabella was clearly passionate about this project. She had fun creating it, however it was by no means easy. I watched her spend a great deal of time on the trailer (she came to Help Desk more than once a week and gave up recess on more than one occasion) and she revised, revised, and revised until she, Mr. Murphy, and I agreed it was finally ready to publish. Isabella’s commitment to start and finish the iMovie, despite how long it took, is a perfect example of student grit. Isabella is certainly a role model for other students who encounter challenges and obstacles when learning, and I look forward to seeing what else she will create as a member of the Help Desk.

I know the iMovie trailer was a learning experience Isabella will never forget, and I know that her iMovie skills will only continue to improve. Thank you in advance for watching the trailer that is embedded below and for supporting the students of the Fox Hill Help Desk!

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