Tech Integration in Action at Fox Hill!

Since transitioning from the high school to the elementary level here in Burlington, I’ve had the opportunity to work with my new colleagues on the integration of a variety of technology tools including Google Classroom, Tellagami, Instagram, and Explain Everything.

Google Classroom in the Second Grade

Second grade teacher Michelle Tigges has started creating a digital workflow by integrating Google Classroom. Specifically, Mrs. Tigges has found the question feature in Classroom to be a quick and easy way to check for student understanding at the end of a lesson. After a recent ELA lesson, students were asked to name at least three suffixes they had learned and which suffixes show comparing. Mrs. Tigges has also used Classroom to distribute and collect her students’ written reflections on their recent field trip to Lego Land. It’s great to see second graders developing proficiency with Google Classroom.

Second grade teacher Mrs. Tigges is going digital with Google Classroom

 Spicing Up Third Grade Morning Message with Tellagami

Third grade teacher Mary Webb decided to spice up her morning message and make it interactive with the help of Tellagami. After I gave Mrs. Webb a walk through of the app, she created a Tellagami on her own the very next day. Her students loved it and since seeing the app, they have been experimenting with Tellagami as well. Mr. Murphy and I are excited to continue working with Mrs. Webb and the rest of our colleagues on creative ways Tellagami can be integrated and used for more advanced project-based learning. Check out the Tellagami Mrs. Webb created to tell her students about the annual Fox Hill vocabulary parade!

Connecting with Parents Through Instagram

Third grade teacher Heather Lisano has decided to move away from a classroom blog and is instead leveraging Instagram as a way to inform parents about what’s going on in her classroom. The Instagram account was created in minutes and is set to private. Mrs. Lisano only approves the parents of her students to follow the account. She has found sharing class photos to be a quick, yet powerful way to connect and engage with parents.

Third grade teachers Mary Webb & Heather Lisano using new tech!

Getting Techy with Explain Everything

I’ve been collaborating a great deal this year with fifth grade teacher George Norman on integrating Explain Everything in his science class. Initially Mr. Norman observed me teaching students how to use various features in the app including how to lock and delete items, record and delete audio, and how to save and share finished projects to Google Classroom. After a few class periods of observations, Mr. Norman was able to demonstrate to his students how to record and delete audio on his own (as shown in the video below) and since then he’s been using Explain Everything more and more often. To be honest, I’d consider Mr. Norman an Explain Everything guru at this point!

Technology Integration at the Fox Hill Learning Commons

Mr. Murphy and I are excited to be merging the library with technology and are creating a learning commons here at Fox Hill. We are now in the same physical space and we’re developing lessons and rubrics for our teachers as a team. This new model will help make integrating technology in the curriculum a more seamless process and ultimately create more 21st century learning experiences for our students. Mrs. Tigges, Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Lisano, and Mr. Norman are just four examples of the many teachers who are trying new technology in the classroom. We will be providing more examples throughout the school year of technology integration in action at Fox Hill so stay tuned!

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