Fall Edition of Fox Hill News is Now Live!

We are thrilled to share our very first edition of WFHS-Fox Hill School News! Our first broadcast features 4th and 5th grade student reporters and 11 news segments including:          

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From the Principal’s Desk
World News at Fox Hill
Fox Hill Heroes
Classroom Spotlight
Community Connection
Critic’s Corner
Fox Hill Tech Beat
Fox Hill Health Report
Fox Hill Rock Stars
The Arts at Fox Hill
Fox Hill Fashion Update 


The Creation of the Fox Hill News Team

I met with Principal Ellen Johnson in late October and she explained that one of her goals was to share news and information about the Fox Hill School community via a student run news team. After brainstorming segments the broadcast would include, and logistics of the meetings, I created a News Team application that was distributed to all 4th and 5th graders. Within one week, News Team members were selected and we had our first meeting. At our initial meeting, students joined a News Team Google Classroom for communication and assignment submission purposes. Students were also assigned a news segment and began writing their interview questions.

Throughout the month of November, I worked with News Team members individually to revise and finalize the questions and practice their introduction and conclusion. Once the students felt ready to conduct their interviews, I contacted teachers and specialists directly to schedule interview appointments. After filming and editing each segment in iMovie, the final broadcast was uploaded to YouTube and is embedded below. My students and I hope you enjoy our first edition of Fox Hill News! I hope to produce three more editions of Fox Hill News this school year (and get more students involved in the behind the scenes production process) so stay tuned!

A Special Thanks to the Fox Hill Community

I am extremely proud of the Fox Hill News Team students and would like to thank them all for the effort they put forth to create our debut broadcast. I would also like to extend my sincere thanks to all of my colleagues at Fox Hill who took time out of their schedule to participate in our first broadcast. This was a tremendous collaborative learning experience for everyone involved, both students and adults, and my ultimate goal is to develop a lesson and rubric that will allow classroom teachers to bring similar learning experiences to their classrooms.

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