Global Read Aloud 2016 at Memorial School

Memorial Elementary School participated in the Global Read Aloud 2016. We connected with other students in a variety of ways.  Two Google Hangouts with Ms. Small’s classes at Pine Glen. A 3rd grade class had a Mystery Skype with a classroom in Denver, Colorado.  K-2 classes used a new app called Padlet to ask and answer questions from students in 21 other states. We studied a United States map to identify the states and where they were located. We also connected with a classroom in Ontario, Canada to talk about The Troublemaker by Lauren Castillo.

Some of our 4th graders read “The Reader” by Amy Hest and illustrated by Lauren Castillo. They created a story that the character in the book might want to put into his suitcase and read to his dog up on top of a mountain.  This story was created using individual stories written by the students based on a different picture they received. They worked diligently to write their stories in Padlet.  We shared the final story with students in Nebraska. This project was inspired by Jan T (NE) in the GRA16 Lauren Castillo group.


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