What Does PEACE Feel Like?

Today kindergarten, second, and fifth grade students and I read the book, What Does PEACE Feel Like? The book is beautifully written and illustrated by Vladimir Radunsky. Children from all around the world share their heart warming responses to the question throughout the book.


After reading the book, students came up with their own responses to the following questions:
What does PEACE feel like?
What does PEACE smell like?
What does PEACE look like?
What does PEACE sound like?
What does PEACE taste like?

Some of my favorite responses from Mrs. Gordon’s kindergarten students:
“PEACE feels like love.”
“PEACE smells like flowers.”
“PEACE looks like a sunny day.”
“PEACE sounds like soft music.”
“PEACE tastes like chocolate.”

Some of my favorite responses from Ms. Varrell’s second graders:
“PEACE feels like having a morning you never have to get up.”
“PEACE smells like a washed dog.”
“PEACE looks like a sunset.”
“PEACE sounds like birds chirping.”
“PEACE tastes like jelly beans.”

Here are the responses from fifth graders in Ms. Lane’s ELA class via Padlet.

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