Hour of Code 2015 in Burlington


The Hour of Code is coming to Burlington Public Schools again this year during the week of December 7-13. Hour of Code lessons will be featured in each Burlington school. Students at nearly all grade levels will participate in activities led by members of the BPS EdTech Team and classroom teachers. The BPS EdTech Team is planning lessons and coding opportunities that engage students in learning more about coding and the critical thinking process involved in successful coding practice.

Hour of Code activities have sparked the interest of many Burlington students. Coding is no longer only a week long event in Burlington Public Schools. Students now have opportunities to join clubs and after school programs for coding. The growth of exciting and interactive coding applications available to students using mobile devices has greatly enhanced the access to coding for students from almost every grade.

You can learn more about the Hour of Code and find ways to participate at home here.

Also check out some great Hour of Code resources from BPS EdTech Mobile Learning Coach Jenn Scheffer.

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