SchoolDude Online HelpDesk System


Burlington Public Schools staff members can post technology support requests directly to SchoolDude. SchoolDude is an online helpdesk system. All staff members can quickly create an account, log in, and add support requests anytime from any device.

Go to this BPS SchoolDude link.

Or use the link on the main page of this site >

Enter your BPS email address.

Step 1

Enter your last name when prompted.


Complete the final account registration page.
PLEASE NOTE: You only need to fill in boxes marked with RED check marks.


You are now ready to enter support requests. Make sure that you are entering them via the IT Request tab.

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 2.33.22 PM

Complete a support request page.
Again PLEASE NOTE: You only need to fill in boxes marked with RED check marks.

— You can enter letters or numbers for the Area/Room Number.

— Please provide as much information as possible for Step 4 on the request form. This will help our teams provide the best response.

— Enter Burlington where the request form asks for Submittal Password.

— Click Submit when you have completed to request form.

SchoolDude Submit

Once you have completed support requests – they are saved and viewable any time in the My Requests tab. Make sure to click on the blue drop down menu marked Shortcuts and select IT Requests to view.


Please see members of the BPS EdTech Team at your school if you need assistance. The IT Department and EdTech Teams will be checking the SchoolDude system daily. Please be patient with expectations for support. The system receives many requests each day. We hope that the system will help provide better communication for staff and members of our BPS IT Department and EdTech Team.

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