Explain Everything Lesson at Pine Glen


BPS EdTech Team member and Pine Glen Elementary School Instructional Technology Specialist Michelle Ardizzoni recently completed introductory lessons for the Explain Everything app. The app is installed on all Burlington iPads in grades K-8. Explain Everything is one of the BPS EdTech Team’s Foundational Apps and has been used in every grade level and almost all subject areas in Burlington.

Mrs. Ardizzoni showed students how to use the app and had them complete an “App Challenge.” The BPS EdTech Team often uses app challenges as a way to make sure students understand each critical aspect of an app. Students will be using the app in several upcoming projects. The students had a great time creating their animal presentation as part of the introductory app challenge. Thank you Mrs. Ardizzoni!

You can learn more about the Pine Glen Library and Technology Center on their blog.

Mrs. Ardizzoni Presents the App Challenge

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