Creating Distribution Lists (Groups) in Gmail

Post Pics.001Burlington Public Schools is a Google Apps for Education district. All students and staff have Google accounts. One of the most powerful aspects of this consistent integration is the ability to communicate and collaborate in an organized system.

The BPS EdTech Team recommends setting up class groups for better distribution of digital content and communication with students. You can also create these Groups for communication with parents and other teachers. The process will take a few minutes to complete for each Group but will save significant time throughout a semester or school year. The best part is that these groups can be used in all Google Apps including sending emails and sharing documents from Google Drive.

Follow the 8 steps below to create a Group:

1 2 3 4


Once you create a Group you can use it as a recipient for emails and shared documents.

In Gmail – click the Compose button and start typing the name of a Group in the To box. Click on the group that you want to use:



In Google Drive – click on the Share button in a document and start typing the name of a Group in the Share with others – People box (make sure to change the sharing and editing options appropriate for the document you are sending):


Gmail Groups are a powerful tool for distributing digital content to students, staff, and community members. Organized distribution methods like this are a powerful part of a 1:1 classroom.

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