BPS EdTech Tested: iRug-Ed System


The BPS EdTech and IT Teams are constantly testing all kinds of devices and cases. We are always looking for the best devices for our classrooms and the best way to protect those devices. We recently tested the iRug-Ed iPad Protection System. The system interested us because it includes an iPad case that offers excellent device protection AND full iPad repair if the device is damaged using the case.

Here are some of the important details for the iRug-Ed system:
$49 includes case and 2 years of iPad repair
$59 includes case and 3 years of iPad repair
If the case breaks Rug-Ed replaces it for free
You can pick any repair facility you wish for iPad repair or Rug-Ed will suggest one
You pick the colors
Laser printed school logo on back
Less than 1% iPad damage is the goal
Made in USA

While the program offers some interesting options – it’s still about having a great case. No one wants to break their iPad – even if it can be fixed. So we put the case through some drop tests.

Ultimately, the case proved very strong in the drop tests shown in the videos and some further testing completed by our team. The iRug-Ed case will also fit in most iPad charge/sync carts. Students who tested the case liked the unique design and the handle for transporting the iPad. The case also has a built in stand that tested well with our students.

The iRug-Ed iPad System provides a unique case and “insurance” type protection for devices. You can learn more about the iRug-Ed iPad Protection System by contacting a representative with Rug-Ed.

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