iPad Intro Lessons at Pine Glen Elementary


The following post originally appeared on the Pine Glen Elementary School Library and Technology Center site. BPS EdTech Team member Michelle Ardizzoni recently led introduction to iPad lessons for some of our students who were entering 1:1 classrooms. Introductory lessons are an important part of the elementary 1:1 learning program. Students often learn about the device, appropriate use, digital citizenship, responsibility, and BPS Foundational Apps.

iPad Introductions at Pine Glen Elementary School

Here at Pine Glen Elementary School, our elementary students each have their own iPad to be used as a tool to enhance and support their learning. As the Instructional Technology Specialist, I can often be found at the beginning of the school year, in classrooms giving introductory iPad lessons to students.

During these lessons, I discuss important topics such as the basic operations of an iPad and its use and care. Once the basics have been established, we are off on a learning quest to put those basic operation skills into practice. Typically, I have the students locate and open the Drawing Pad App, which every student has available to them on their iPad. From there, students use just one finger to select a crayon, marker, or colored pencil that allows them to “draw” with, and they create a picture of their own choice. Drawing Pad is an intuitive App that every student, at all grade levels can easily feel successful with, as early as their first time using it. These introductory lessons are building a skill set of vocabulary, gestures, icon recognition, familiarity with their iPad, and self-confidence using technology, that students will transfer and apply to other areas of their learning.

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