BPS is 1:1 at 1-12

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The last few iPads have been distributed to classrooms completing an incredibly busy summer for the BPS EdTech and IT Teams. Burlington Public Schools is now officially 1:1 with iPads in grades 1-12. iPads are also available in smaller numbers in Kindergarten classrooms.

I would like to thank the extraordinary efforts of our IT Team. John Allegretto, Bob Cunha, and Jose DeSousa continue to show that a small team can do amazing things. The IT Team along with their college and high school support staff including Eric Calandriello, Greg Ryan, Andy Abou-Rjaily, Jake Moreira, Chris Woodilla, and Sebastian Beuchelt worked long days and some very long nights to get over 3000 iPads ready for deployment. Thanks as well to BPS EdTech Team members Jenn Scheffer, Ben Schersten, and Diana Marcus for their help with the preparation of student devices this summer. We certainly could not complete this project without such a team effort.

I would also like to thank our outstanding teachers for their efforts in integrating the 1:1 learning program and welcoming all that comes with such an extensive technology driven project – both the positive and the challenging… Our classrooms are certainly filled with technology, but your teaching is what keeps our students engaged everyday. Thank you.

I hope that as we begin another year of this 1:1 journey, we can all keep the promise made in the BPS 1:1 Learning Pledge:

I promise to try something new and never fear the failures I may experience along the way…

If we remember that, we will continue to provide our students with the greatest possible learning experience.

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