How Do I Do That? May 2014

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The BPS EdTech Team will be having an open technology support session on Tuesday, May 20 at Marshall Simonds Middle School. This session will feature open support for all technology questions. Our team will provide assistance with all devices and applications.


The May session will also feature support for the 30hands Learning app which is part of May App Explorer Challenge. Learn about how to use the app for the challenge and your classroom from the BPS EdTech Team and members of the 30hands team.

Participation in each How Do I Do That session will provide you with hours towards in-service credit! BPS teachers can bundle hours of participation from App Challenges, How Do I Do That sessions, and BPS EdTech events during the school year for Burlington inservice credits. Ten hours of participation will earn one inservice credit. Twenty hours will earn two inservice credits. There is a maximum of two credits for staff members each year.

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