App Explorer Challenge #3

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Welcome to Round 3 of the BPS EdTech Team App Explorer Challenge!

In addition to the existing scheduled sessions of the How Do I Do That program we are adding a series of virtual opportunities to expand your Professional Development and growth. Each of these will center around a chance to produce a product using a specified tool (and, in the process, learn a new tool!).

To partake in the program, you will need to produce a presentation using the 30hands app on your iPad.

Criteria for App Explorer Challenge #3

  • Must be about a concept that you teach in your classroom.
  • Must be no shorter than 2 minutes.
  • Must be no longer than 4 minutes.
  • Must be made in 30hands app on an iPad.
  • Must include audio elements.
  • Must include both photos as well as drawn images

To submit a project, you will need to publish the presentation as a video to your Photo Roll. From there, you will need to place it in your GoogleDrive before sharing it with Tim Calvin from the BPS EdTech Team. While uploading the video from your Photo Roll to Drive should work, you may find a minor glitch there- in which case, simply upload the video via Safari.  Tim will upload the videos to a YouTube channel to be viewable and (hopefully!) used by other educators in their classrooms.

If you do not have 30hands installed on your iPad, please see the library or technology staff  in your building. It is a free app, and you are welcome to install it yourself if you feel comfortable.

For additional help in completing this challenge, you have several options:

  1. Reach out to your building librarian or technology specialist for support
  2. Reach out to Tim Calvin for support
  3. Come to the last-of-the-year How Do I Do That session on Tuesday, May 20 at Marshall Simonds – Eric Braun from 30hands will be there to help!
  4. Email for help directly from the source

Participation in this session of this virtual How Do I Do That program will provide you with 3 hours towards in-service credit. Burlington teachers can bundle hours of participation at How Do I Do That sessions and BPS EdTech events towards in-service credits. Ten hours will give you 1 credit, and twenty hours will provide 2 credits.

Completion of this third challenge must be by Wednesday May 28th 2014.


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