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Thank you to Burlington High School junior Jake Moreira for this quick post about the equation editor in Google Drive. Jake is former BHS Student HelpDesk and now works directly with our BPS EdTech Team. 

To enter an equation in a Google Drive document first you go to Insert, then click on Equation.


After clicking on Equation, there will be a New Equation panel under the standard toolbar that shows print, undo, redo, etc.


In the New Equation panel you just opened there will be five new drop down bars with greek letters, the General Operators, Comparison and Inclusion, Operators with Variables, and Arrows.


In the operations with variables tab there are equations with an x and y. You can either leave the x and y as is if you would like your students to solve for the variable or you can add the numbers. In this case I’m using x/y to put in a number for X after clicking the button in the drop down bar just type in the number, after you can press enter and add a number for the Y variable.

To get out of equation mode you can just click away from the equation you just typed.


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  1. BHS also has a school license for MathType (I just checked). MathType works in Google Drive/Google Docs, and it may be easier for you to use. Use whichever works best for you, but you have a choice. Also, the Google Drive equation editor only works in the word processor app in Google Drive. MathType also works in presentations. We are changing this soon so the equations look better in presentations. If you want to use it now, I can help. Feel free to email me at bobm at dessci dot com.

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