Google Apps Update

Thanks to Ben Schersten, Francis Wyman Elementary School Instructional Technology Specialist, for this quick update about a change to Google Apps accounts:

Google Drive has moved (and Calendar and Blogger). In your email, that black bar that used to have the Google options (Mail, Calendar, Drive, etc.) has disappeared. It’s been replaced with a small grid of nine squares, in the upper right hand corner of your email screen.


Click on the grid icon, and you’ll get all the Google options:


Clicking More at the bottom will get you to other options like YouTube, Blogger, and Google Maps.

You can also then click on Even more from Google for access to other apps like Google Scholar.

You can even customize the App Launcher with the apps that you use most. There is a new Chrome extension available from the Chrome Web Store that enables the customization of this grid launcher:

App Launcher Customizer for Google


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  1. the black bar disappeared for me a couple of weeks ago and it took a while to discover the 9 square grid is the key. I was curious as to how you customized (at least I think you did) what shows up when you click on the grid. Different apps show up for me, but I want mine to look more like yours, which are my most frequently used apps also. In particular, I want Sites to show up on the first click of the grid, rather than having to drill down a couple of times to find it. Thanks!

    1. Great question – we actually didn’t customize the list but you can using a Chrome extension. I just updated the post with the link to the new extension. I hope this helps.

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