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Common Sense Media is an outstanding educational technology resource for helping students understand why their digital identity is important and how they can work to build a positive presence online. The BPS EdTech Team uses many of the Common Sense lessons and materials as part of its PreK-12 Digital Citizenship programs. We also recommend the Common Sense Media Digital Passport for Kids app which we have available for all BPS elementary school iPads.

Common Sense Media recently posted a great pledge for elementary aged students learning about how to be responsible digital citizens:digCit_contractEDMODO_091712_8.5x11

The BPS EdTech Team has also had an important pledge of its own for all of our 1:1 classrooms and educators. Here is our BPS EdTech Team 1:1 Pledge:


Sometimes these simple, quick notes about why we are integrating technology resources and the importance of continuing to focus on the outcomes are important reminders for our students and teachers.

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