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Burlington Public Schools is extremely lucky to have such a dedicated IT department. The BPS IT department includes only three members that help deploy, manage, and support thousands of devices each year. Director of Technology Bob Cunha and team members John Allegretto and Jose DeSousa have the “whatever it takes” attitude that is clearly needed during any major EdTech initiative.

The BPS EdTech Team is excited to announce a new feature on our blog from the BPS IT department: John’s Quick Tech Tips. We are going to feature quick notes and screenshots from John Allegretto that he shares with staff and students for edtech support.

This first installment includes Mirroring on a MacBook, Sending Google Forms, and Deactivating Pop Up Blockers in Chrome for use with Aspen.


Mirroring on a MacBook

There have been some questions about projecting from MacBooks.
By default, the display is NOT set to mirror.
To do this:
1. Go to System Preferences  —>  Displays
2. WITH THE PROJECTOR PLUGGED IN, click the “Arrangement” tab then check “Mirroring”


Sending Google Forms

Sending Google Forms can be different from Sharing Google Forms. You can share a Google Form if you want others to be able to edit the original form for their own use. You can also Share a Google Form if you want to collaborate with others during the creation of a Form.

However, simply Send a Google Form if you only want participants to complete your form and submit the results. Also, be sure to uncheck the “Require Burlington Public Schools login to view this form” if you want to send Google Forms to parents or anyone outside of our BPS Google users.

form 2


Deactivating Pop Up Blockers in Chrome for use with Aspen 

You may need to disable Pop Up Blockers if you are having trouble viewing schedules or reports in Aspen. This is also needed at times when you need to print reports from Aspen.

To Do This Using the Chrome Browser:blocker 1blocker 2

blocker 3blocker 4

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