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Imagine years of collecting all the great work that students produce and then hanging them on the fridge, keeping them in a binder, or storing them in a drawer.  Often these artifacts are lost, ruined, or hidden away forever. Now imagine saving all those accomplishments and memories in a digital format that can be shared at any time through an online student portfolio.

All Burlington Public Schools students (grades PreK-12) have Google Apps for Education accounts. BPS students began creating digital portfolios this year using Blogger. All BPS Student Digital Portfolios will be created under the Burlington Google Apps for Education domain. Students in PreK-8 will have higher levels of security set for the portfolios. Privacy settings were activated by the BPS EdTech team and teachers when the portfolios were created. Privacy settings for portfolios in grades PreK-8 are changed from the default setting (Anybody) so that portfolios are not made available to the public and cannot be searched through Google.

Click here to view an example PreK-12 Student Digital Portfolio created by Burlington teachers.

Student digital portfolios are a collection of artifacts that showcase student growth and progress in math, reading, and writing. The digital portfolios highlight student achievements and personal reflection. Students will be also able to customize portfolios to reflect their own taste and interests.

Digital portfolios present students with a powerful sense of audience and promote personal reflection. Students can greatly benefit from sharing their work and growth both academically and personally. Students can view their digital portfolios by logging in at google.com or blogger.com. Students use their LASID@bps121.org as the username. Parents of elementary and middle school students can also view their son or daughter’s digital portfolio at any time by logging into their Google Apps for Education account and going to Blogger. Parents and family members can observe their child’s growth and discuss school activities with the child.

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The BPS EdTech team is helping students understand the importance of a positive digital identity. Digital citizenship is now embedded in the learning goals of the library and technology programs at all grade levels in Burlington. In the past, digital citizenship often was experienced without actual hands-on creation of online products and explorable content. These experiences are critical for students to understand digital spaces that are prevalent in college and beyond. Student digital portfolios provide a platform for helping students experience and grow as digital citizens even from an early age.

The student portfolio will chronicle the PreK-12 student experience. Students will use the portfolios to describe their own educational process and deliver finished products as well as a choice in how they learn. Students are encouraged to use different digital tools to complete project based learning opportunities. The digital portfolios provide a place to save and display these projects.

Ultimately students, teachers, and family members will be able to follow the growth of students both academically and personally during their time in Burlington schools. Successful completion of digital portfolios can also provide a beneficial project to use in college application process.

Please contact the BPS EdTech team if you have questions about the BPS Student Digital Portfolios.

Dennis Villano – Director of Technology Integration

Andy Marcinek – Instructional Technology Specialist

Tim Calvin – Instructional Technology Specialist


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