The iPad in Italia

Signora Hoerle’s students  have been creating some great productions using the iPad in her Italian classes. Her projects and assessments have students creating and demonstrating their understanding of the Italian language by creating vignettes that tell a story, reflect on a theme or share a poem. Below are a few of her student projects that incorporate the iPad and several apps.

Italian IV Honors Project by John Chellali, Danny Federico, and Gilad Oved
Students used Puppet Pals to create stories that utilized relative pronouns. The song you hear during the recording is sung by John.


Italian V Honors Project by Katya Becker
This is a project I will not do this year, but it is a very interesting example of how to employ iMovie to record and illustrate a book (a much longer text than a poem or most videos). The student who did this project was
exceptionally talented so her pronunciation is almost perfect.


Italian V Honors Project by Billy Restivo
Used iMovie to record and illustrate with images an original poem modeled after Giuseppe Ungaretti’s Sereno.


Italian V Honors Project by Tom Rose
Like Billy, Tom wrote a poem modeled after Giuseppe Ungaretti’s Sereno, but decided to use music instead of his own voice to illustrate the poem.

Kristen is in the same class as Billy and Tom. Her poem is modeled after Josue`
Carducci’s San Martino.

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  1. Mi piaciono molto! Che buono lavoro / buoni compiti! Gli studenti sono molto intelligenti!
    ~ Signora La Raia Price

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